Gottlieb Video System Boards

Last updated: November 27, 1996

   * GV-100 Reactor uses a MA-289 board which looks very similar to the
     GG-III system board with 2 noticeable exceptions, no battery & smaller
     2732 type program roms near the edge connector (instead of the 2764's).
     It should be possible to adapt this game to run on the GG-III system

GG-III system board are marked C-22248-3 and will run the following games...

   * GV-102 Mad Planets
   * GV-103 Q*bert
   * GV-104
   * GV-105 Krull test16, step 17
   * GV-113 Three Stooges test -16, step 17
   * GV-119 Q*bert's Qubes (I don't know if this fits the "system" or not)
   * GV-134 Curveball (C-22248-2)

Some games use RAM (2128's) in place of BG roms & change the jumpers

   * GV-109 MACH 3 is a 22399-1 board with a extra connector for the
     additional controllers but it appears that it may be down graded to act
     as the above boards

               Gottlieb games that are not part of the System

   * ?????? No Man's Land
   * ?????? New York, New York
   * GV-122 Juno First (Konami harness)

For JAMMA adaptor construction tips see the file at FTP by
Rick Schieve. I might add that I believe a modern Poker board or Cherry
Master board uses the same larger (60 pin) edge connectors.

If anyone can help fill in any missing games or info please E-mail Me!

                Soundboards used for the GG-III Video System.


         Game             A6 Sound or     Piggyback Amp Voltage   A3 Power
                         Sound/Speech                              Supply
       Reactor              MA-216         Not Used   +30 VDC     MA-303

        Q*bert              MA-216         Not Used   +30 VDC      MA-303
     Q*bert late
  production GV-103B        MA-486          MA-483    +16 VDC     MA-492
   Q*bert Cocktail
       GV-103CT             MA-486          MA-483    +16 VDC     MA-492
     Mad Planets            MA-484          MA-483    +16 VDC     MA-492
        Krull               MA-487          MA-483    +16 VDC     MA-492
    Three Stooges           MA-495            ?       +12 VDC     MA-479

For replacement of the LM379S (U23) amplifier used on Gottlieb's Sound and
Sound/Speech Boards, a Piggyback Board Substitute been designed to replace
the amplifier. The new amplifier is mounted in a piggyback configuration
using a LM2002T or a TDA2002T which operate at approximately one half of the
voltage required by the LM379S.

This voltage requirement necessitates minor changes on the A3 and A7
Sound/Speech Power Supply Boards, because the 2002T cannot operate at the
+30VDC level supplied by the present Sound/Speech Power Supply Boards.

The new MA-481 and MA-492 Sound/Speech Power Supply Boards supply the
correct voltages to operate the piggyback amplifier.

                     A3 Power Supply Board Modification

To update an MA-303 or a MA-430, A3 Power Supply Board to the new MA-492
Board, please make the following changes to the circuit board.

   * Delete C22 Capacitors, 2200 uF, 75V
   * Delete R21 Resistor, 1.8K Ohm
   * Replace D26 1N5363B, 30V Zener with 1N4745A Zener diode (16 V)
   * Replace R23 200 Ohm Resistor with 1K Ohm, 5% Resistor.

                     A6 Sound or Sound Speech Board Mod

To repair a Sound or Sound/Speech Board requiring a replacement for a
defective LM379S, the new MA-483 Piggyback Board must be used. (Thus I
haven't bothered to document this but it demand dictates I will try to scan
in the pictures but I don't know where you will find a "piggyback" board).

Q*bert's Qubes

This seems to be a pretty elusive game here on the net but we are getting
closer. Jess Askey has found a manual and provided me with a little info. I
am confident that we can hack the additional daughter board that was used
with little effort. Now to find the chips....

Now if we could find the "enhanced" Q*bert roms....

Oh, check out the Q*bert page that is pointed to on Nexus